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Compelling Homes Remodeling and Design has been proudly servicing the Des Moines area since 2009. We are located in Grimes and offer a full range of award winning remodeling and design services, including kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and additions. We stand by our amazing team and proven process to ensure your remodeling projects stay on time, on budget, and are actually enjoyable!

Meet Your Design-Build Team

Rusty Green Owner

As the founder of Compelling Homes, Rusty (who some of us just found out at the time of this writing is legally named 'Brian') has been in the home remodeling game for 31 years. A graduate of the Associated Builders and Contractors Trade School, Rusty's mission is to provide an environment for his team where they can thrive. He'd never tell you, but many years ago, Rusty graduated the #1 carpenter in the nation and has dedicated his time to creating a business from the experience he gained as a carpenter. 

Rusty is almost as passionate about his business legacy as he is about Formula 1 (we will accept no Petronas/Mercedez-Benz slander at this time). His favorite party trick is the fact that he can - blindfolded - distinguish the difference between ~100 cars spanning 60 years by the sound of their startup and idle. In case no one asks him to perform that trick, he spends his free time working around the farm, tree-trimming, and dreaming of racing a car, sitting on a Broadway stage, and leaving a business legacy.

Denise Smithson Green General Manager & Project Coordinator

Denise (or "DeKnees" if you're reading this from Lakeland, FL, and went to high school with Denise) has over 18 years of experience in general management and grew up working with builders picking out finishes in her parent’s interior design store. Her favorite part of the job is seeing a finished project and their amazing transformations.

"Not really" a sports fan, Denise prefers to spend her free time golfing and brunching. We are convinced she has a body double, because we cannot figure out how she has time to do all of the things she does at Compelling Homes. Seriously; we're conducting a study.

Denise's soundtrack: "In Living Color" by Jamey Johnson – it reminds her of her “Pappy” (did we mention she is from the South?)

Alyssa Executive Administrator

Alyssa has been with Compelling Homes for a year and a half but has managed to accrue over five years of experience in the administrative sector in between bouts of volunteering at the hospital nursery rocking newborn babies. That is not a true statement, but is her dream job one day. In her (very rare) spare time, Alyssa loves scrapbooking, traveling, and listening to her son's band; Run Wilson. Come on, this family is really cool.

Alyssa's favorite part of working at Compelling Homes is being on a team of people who are passionate about their jobs; similar to her passion for one day attending the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and owning a beach house.

Amanda Designer

Amanda has been with us for a year, but has been working in design for 9 years. Nine; which is almost the same number of nicknames she has: Punky, Mandy Sue, and Lady. We'll stick to Amanda for now.

Dog mom to Ranger, Amanda loves working as our designer to make people's visions come to life and witness how much they enjoy their new space – all with little-to-no dog hair on her clothing.

In her free time, you can find Amanda flex her design muscles for pleasure in the form of photography, painting, drawing, crafting, spending time with her partner Derek, or watching all-things Iowa State (she's also pro-Chicago Bears), dreaming of being a florist, and covering her ears/exiting the room when 'cringe comedy' is present. We can't blame her.

David Project Manager

David, who comes to us from a place most people forget exists (Omaha, Nebraska) has been with us for just over a year, but plays an integral part in our team. David loves taking a client's vision of their home and executing it beyond their expectations – because that's just how he rolls. If you don't believe us, David managed a project for Compelling Homes that was awarded the Pella Peoples Choice Award at the DSM Tour of Remodeled Homes. BOOM.

In his spare time, David enjoys sports, the outdoors, icing the permanent fat lip on the inside of his mouth he sustained from a basketball collision, and remodeling projects around the house because managing beautiful remodeling projects in other people's homes apparently isn't enough.

Kent Project Manager

Kent (or Kent Exotic – funny story) has been with Compelling Homes for 1 year and has another nickname that he threatened us never to call him. As a project manager, Kent's favorite part of his job is interacting with happy clients and always learning something new.

A true American Dream story, Kent quit his management job of 16 years to sweep floors and move his way up the construction chain; and we are so grateful to have him. For reference; we asked Kent where he'd be if he wasn't so good at his job, and he answered "handyman work somewhere that it's always warm" and we love that. Sadly for Kent, we live in Iowa.

An undiscovered talent (for now), Kent loves playing the guitar, cooking, family game and movie nights, and again - playing guitar. If you're looking for a new tune; Kent recommends 'Smile' by Lukas Nelson. It reminds him of his Dad and is someone cutting onions in here or is it just us?

Nick Carpenter

Nick has been with our team for the last year but was a customer before he was an employee. We fear one day we may lose him to accomplish his true life dream of being a sundial operator. His words.

Nick's skill and dedication to Compelling Homes and their customers is unmatched; similar to how his passion for Eminem is unmatched, with "every song/CD" noted as his favorite song. Please be patient with us as we locate a CD player to see what the hype is all about.

When Nick isn't creating beautiful spaces and being an excellent carpenter, you can find him BBQing, taking his kids to the playground, and cheering on the Chiefs. 

Finnegan CEO (Chief Eating Officer)

Hurley COO (Chief of "Outside?!")

Ranger CTO (Chief Treat Officer)

Compelling Homes’ Process

Step Process

But that’s not all – there's more to learn about our design-build remodeling process.


Home Remodeling in Des Moines, IA


We are proud to serve homeowners in the Des Moines Metro Area, which includes Polk and Dallas Counties and the following cities:

  • Des Moines
  • Urbandale
  • West Des Moines
  • Johnston
  • Clive
  • Grimes
  • Adel
  • Waukee
  • Ankeny
  • Polk City
  • Van Meter
  • Beaverdale

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