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West Des Moines Primary Bathroom & Home Addition

Welcome to Compelling Homes’ latest project spotlight, a seamless and creative home addition and integration that ties this family’s paradise together. We don’t like to brag, but– actually, we do. And if you had built this luxe living space, you would too. At Compelling Homes of Des Moines, we believe that every home holds untapped potential. It's our passion to bring that potential to life, to move beyond the ordinary to craft spaces that inspire, amaze, and offer unparalleled luxury.

Pool house remodel - Compelling Homes


Compelling Homes Does Fun and Function with Flair

Our latest endeavor exemplifies this ethos. After working together once and establishing a deep mutual love of working together, our clients knew we were the right call for their new project. Initially, the homeowners envisioned a pool house attached to a fourth-car garage. However, as they interacted with the masterminds at Compelling Homes, the project evolved into a masterpiece of design, encompassing not only a pool house and garage but also a master bathroom that seamlessly ties it all together since that’s the point that the new structure would meet the existing home.


A Seamless Integration

The challenge was evident. How do you create a blend between existing structures, a garage, and a new pool house? Now, hold on a minute, aren’t the desired additions tied directly to a master bath that doesn't match the rest of the home in grandeur?

We completed gorgeous upstairs remodeling for this client in 2020, but the master bathroom had been untouched by our magic wand. What if we could remedy the injustice we had done to this bathroom by overlooking it the first time? Compelling Homes took this challenge head-on. The aim was to ensure that the new additions looked as if they had always been a part of the original home, a natural extension rather than an afterthought.

We ensured every detail was thoughtfully blended, starting with the driveway elevation and matching pitch, shingles, stones, garage doors, and lights, creating an undeniably cohesive visual flow. We introduced a door from the driveway to the pool house, a practical touch ensuring homeowners didn’t need to traverse the entire property to access their relaxation space. Why go all-out on luxury and then make it inconvenient to access?


Pool house | Compelling Homes


A Dual-Purpose Masterpiece: From Pool Orientation to Indoor-Outdoor Fireplace

Our initial consultation with the homeowners was an enlightening session of sharing ideas and envisioning dreams. As we stood there, discussing the optimal orientation for the pool (another expert builder executes the pool construction), we collectively realized the potential for something genuinely unique. Inspired by the homeowners' desires and our passion for innovative designs, the concept of the indoor-outdoor fireplace was born.

This fireplace, designed to be enjoyed from both the inside and outside, seamlessly blurs the boundaries between the cozy indoors and the refreshing outdoors. Its dual functionality offers warmth and ambiance to the internal living space and extends an inviting glow to those lounging by the pool. The final result is a testament to collaborative creativity and architectural innovation. It's not just a fireplace; it's a beacon of warmth and whimsy for every occasion.


Pool | Compelling Homes


Inside the Pool House

The pool house doors under the beautiful awning beckon you into this waterside haven. Here lies a lavish pool house bar fitted with a refrigerator, dishwasher, and sink, completed by an expansive island that offers seating for four. Our designer created this island's unique custom color, courtesy of Sherwin Williams. A refreshing coastal hue, the color perfectly captures the summer ambiance the homeowners desired for their pool house kitchenette space.

While there’s plenty of flash to be found, the practical elements truly resonate with the homeowners’ vision and desire. Turns out that when you have a pool house, all the neighborhood kids come over to swim, and you spend the rest of your life doing laundry. Addressing this, we stashed a stacked laundry unit smartly placed behind the sink, right before the bathroom. These thoughtful conveniences aren’t little things; they’re a testament to Compelling Homes’ knack for anticipating and answering the unsaid needs of every homeowner.


Pool house doors - Compelling Homes

pool house kitchenette| Compelling Homes


A Symphony of Circles in the Pool House Bathroom

The pool house bathroom brings thoughtful design full circle. From the candelabra's circular backing plate to the faucet and mirror, every element was intentionally chosen to echo this curvy theme. We know that some folks will breeze in, hose off, and never notice the care we placed here, but they will notice how they feel in the space. At Compelling Homes, we love to appeal to a discerning eye for design while providing the best experience possible for all. 


Pool house bathroom | Compelling Homes


Primary Bathroom: A Dive into Luxury

Stepping into the upgraded primary bathroom is akin to entering a different realm. Topped with gorgeous quartz, majestic floating walnut cabinets offer a stark contrast against the 3D textured tile adorning the back wall. The tile, reminiscent of fluid water and nature, comes alive when lit, offering a mesmerizing display to soothe the day’s rough edges.

However, it's the Japanese shower that's the crown jewel. A tub inside a shower might seem unconventional; in some parts of the world, it’s a functional and space-saving staple. The Japanese might incorporate this design out of necessity, but here, it's the epitome of indulgence. Multiple shower heads, including a rain head, augment the lavish experience.


Primary bath walnut cabinets - Compelling Homes


Tub in shower | Compelling Homes


Wetroom Ingenuity 

However, the challenges in creating a large space that drains well are not to be underestimated. Achieving this design while ensuring it meets the criteria of a wet room is complex. Such a room needs meticulous attention to detail to ensure total waterproofing. We assign it a solid eight on a scale from easy to impossible, underscoring the challenges faced during construction.

What does creating a wet room entail? We’re glad you asked:

  1. Drainage: A primary concern is ensuring water drainage. The room has to be designed such that, even in worst-case scenarios like a towel blocking the drain, water doesn't seep into undesired areas. In this design, if such a blockage occurred, the water would spill out into the bathroom, yet the inclination in the floor ensures it wouldn't spread unpredictably or too fast.

  2. Penetrations and Waterproofing: Every penetration in the wet room, be it for water lines or the drain for the tub, is a potential vulnerability. Each of these penetrations must pass through the flooring system without allowing any water to seep through and down into the structure. It's a delicate task, balancing functionality with design.

  3. Code Compliance: Meeting building standards and codes isn’t just about ticking boxes. It's about ensuring the safety and longevity of the construction. In the case of a wet room, certain criteria have to be met. There are special boots and rubber placements, particularly where water lines go for the tub and the drain, ensuring a watertight seal.

  4. Beyond the Wet Room: While the area inside the shower is designed with strict waterproofing, the spaces beyond, and outside those glass panels, revert to conventional bathroom design. It’s a clear demarcation ensuring that the wet room remains self-contained.

  5. Aesthetic Integration: Beyond the functional aspects, the design also had to seamlessly blend with the overall aesthetics. The room, though complex beneath the surface, radiates simplicity and elegance on the outside.


Concluding Thoughts on This Compelling Project

This project spotlight exemplifies the magic that ensues when homeowners’ dreams meet the visionary expertise of Compelling Homes. What began as a simple desire for a pool house and garage morphed into a luxurious oasis, replete with thoughtful designs, custom finishes, and unparalleled functionality. Whether it's the coastal hue of the island, the intricacy of the Japanese shower, or the harmony of circles in the bathroom, every detail was crafted with precision and passion.


kitchenette in pool house - Compelling Homes

In the heart of Des Moines, we at Compelling Homes don’t merely renovate. We transform, innovate, and elevate. We make every project compelling. Ready for your dream renovation in Des Moines? Let’s talk!


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