When is the Right Time to Start Talking to a Remodeling Contractor?

There's a remodel somewhere in your near future; you're just not sure when. It's hard to figure out the right time when you don't know what to expect. You don't want to start too early and risk not being prepared by the time it's time to break ground, but you also don't want to start too late and learn that your contractor cannot accommodate your project. We're here to help you navigate the age-old question: "when do I start?" Let's dive in.


When is the Right Time to Start Talking to a Remodeling Contractor in the Des Moines Metro Area? | Compelling Homes


When Should a House Be Remodeled? 

This is a tough question.  Meaning, a home that's been remodeled with high-quality components will outlast and out-live "builder products" that are frequently installed in many homes across the 515.  One of the fundamental reasons we only remodel homes is the fact that we can use and install "better stuff".  That applies to windows & doors, flooring, fixtures, paints & stains, and surfaces. 


That all said, if your home is one of the 97% that we are requested to renovate, chances are some or all of the finishes are at "end of life".  If that's the case then ideally, it's best to remodel your home every 15-to-20 years. After that time, the finishes on a brand-new home have worn out. The floors and walls are scratched, appliances break down, doors get stuck, and faucets drip. Remodels are your opportunity to address these issues while updating your home's look and bolstering value. 


How Long Does It Take to Renovate a House?

Your home renovation timeline is entirely individual to your project. The condition of your home (and whether you need restorative work like a roof replacement or new electrical wiring) plays a massive role, as does the scale of your remodeling project. The more extensive your improvements are, the longer remodeling will take — but the results are worth it! 


Remodeling Timelines by Project

Beginning a Remodeler Relationship: The Earlier, The Better

Many homeowners know they want a remodel but don't know when they want one. The best way to find out is to meet with Des Moines area contractors early on. By early on, we mean months or even years before you think you want to start your remodel. After all, remodeling is an extensive, usually months-long process that may require you to move out of your home or make other significant adjustments. You should know what you're getting into as soon as possible!


Here are a few reasons why meeting with remodelers upfront benefits you. 


Set Timeline Expectations 

When you talk to a home contractor (or, even better, contractors), they can estimate how long it will take to complete your remodel. Using these estimates, you can gauge the relative timeline of a remodel and plan accordingly. Commence your project at a time that makes sense for your schedule, and consider realistic expectations for how long the work takes to complete. 


Discuss Cost & Financing 

Just as much as a timeline estimate helps you plan your schedule, you need a cost estimate to settle your financing. Use cost estimates to determine how much money you need to save, borrow, or transfer from savings to cover your remodel; you can plan when you want to remodel from there. 


Avoid Supply Chain Delays

Supply chain disruptions are a long-lasting consequence of the pandemic. If you plan to remodel your home soon, you'll run into these issues at some point. So, be prepared for some setbacks in the contractor schedule. Starting with a remodeler as early as possible makes it easier to decide on your project materials, order them, and have them delivered. Faster delivery means moving into your new and improved home sooner!  


Less Stress

Unless you're the rare exception, for most people, life is busy. Remodeling is a massive time commitment, and overscheduled homeowners don't always have enough energy to devote to the endeavor. So if you have free time now, jump on it! 


Even if you don't have room in your schedule now, it's still a good idea to start planning. The more time you have to think about your remodel, the less stressed you'll feel when it comes time to make it happen. An advanced contractor meeting enables you to meticulously plan your remodel, so it's as smooth of a process as possible. 


Experience a Compelling Difference 

We believe in making progress daily at Compelling Homes. We won't start a project until we know how long it takes to get the materials we need for construction; that way, we're not waiting around for parts and disrupting your normal home routine any longer than we have to. Read more about our remodeling order of operations and see what sets us apart from other builders by visiting our five-step processBecause at Compelling Homes, we don't stop at "good enough"... we make it Compelling!


Keep in mind that there's no perfect time to remodel your home. You'll always have reasons not to commit; don't let them hold you back. Start the conversation with us today.



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