How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in Des Moines Metro Area? [2023]

Ultimately, every home improvement project, including bathroom remodeling, is an investment, and it's normal to wonder if it's worthwhile. By understanding the cost associated with a bathroom remodel, you can establish realistic expectations and feasible project goals as you plan and prepare to enhance the space's comfort, function, and aesthetic appeal.

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost in 2023? | Compelling Homes


Cost of Bathroom Remodeling in Des Moines

Researching the average cost of bathroom remodeling can be tricky, as the answer depends on several factors, including the size of the space, the age of your home, and the work scope to complete. For example, the price tag for a minor upgrade is usually different from a sizable upscale renovation. Additionally, the type and quality of bathroom remodel materials, fixtures, and finishes you choose greatly influence the overall project price. Unless you plan to simply paint your bathroom or switch out a few decorative elements, you should also factor in the cost of professional services a remodeling firm provides.


You can't know your exact project costs until you begin designing your bathroom remodel. But, in the meantime, you can use cost estimates from local remodelers to begin your budget-making process


Primary Bath Remodeling Costs  

A primary bathroom is the largest bathroom in your home, usually connected to or located near the primary bedroom. 


Mid-Range Primary Bathroom Remodel: $52k+

Mid-range takes the simple remodel a step up. For a start, your porcelain tiles, plumbing fixtures, and vanity cabinet are higher-quality materials. The main difference is that you're allowed limited fixture movement. You might be able to change the location of your vanity or toilet, but you'll have to work around cost and spatial restrictions. We include electrical changes and updates, and for a flair of luxury, you also get a custom shower door. 


Luxury Primary Bathroom Remodel: $70k+

With luxury remodeling, all the best materials and the freedom to alter your bathroom layout are yours. In other words, the spatial limitations of your current bathroom don't confine you when you opt for upscale. There is plenty of room for an open-concept bathroom if you opt for a luxury remodel. Your shower goes up a notch with a natural stone floor, base, and walls, as well as premium bathroom remodel plumbing fixtures and a custom shower door. The same materials used in your granite or quartz remnant vanity also appear in the shower for design cohesion. These upgraded materials create a stunning visual effect, transforming your bathroom into a haven of luxury. When you step into your new bathroom, you'll have to stop and wonder, "Am I in a high-end hotel?" before you remember that all this is yours to enjoy every day! 


In addition to your vanity, we carve out space for a linen closet with the same bathroom aesthetic to hold all your bits and bobs. It's important to note that this price does not include a custom closet, which many of our clients request. Of course, we can add this feature. But the cost to remodel a closet adds between $2,000 and $20,000, depending on your needs and wants. 


Hall Bath Remodeling Costs

Like a primary bath, hall bathrooms contain a shower, sink, tub, and toilet. These bathrooms, however, are generally smaller at around 50 square feet. Unlike a primary bath, you can't move fixtures or alter the layout in this type of remodeling. In this section, we also touch on powder rooms, which exclude a shower and tub. 


Mid-Range Hall Bath Remodel: $25k+

A simple hall bath and a primary bath remodel are similar. In both, you get new plumbing fixtures and a vanity with a granite remnant countertop. You keep your existing tub, but new ceramic tiles refresh your floors and shower walls. You also get electrical updates and a new shower door. 


Luxury Hall Bath Remodel: $35+

The main difference in a luxury hall bath remodel is the materials used in construction. Your plumbing fixtures upgrade to premium quality, and you can opt for natural stone tile floors and shower walls to give your space some oomph. We also replace your current tub with a new shower base and door. 


Designing Your Dream Bathroom Remodel

Achieve your bathroom remodeling aspirations with Compelling Homes. As part of our design-build process, we collaborate with you to find the right type of remodeling to suit your budget, life, and style. If you're ready to talk, we'll be here. Because, with us, you don't have to stop at "good enough" — we make it Compelling



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