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How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost? [2023]

No kitchen lasts forever. Daily use, frequent spills, and heavy foot traffic take a toll over the years in the form of cracked tiles, dirty grout, banged-up cabinets, and a million other blemishes. Eventually, your once beautiful, brand-new kitchen is subpar at best. It’s time for an upgrade. 

Beautiful Modern and Elegant Kitchen with Feathered Pendant Lighting and Built-In Appliances | Compelling Homes


But, that doesn't have to be your only reason for remodeling your kitchen. Sometimes, you don't have to be staring at scuffed-up floors or chipped cabinet paint to justify wanting a new space:

  • It may be that your family is growing and you want more space to connect.
  • Perhaps it's not you; it's the house. You want an island, but your current floor plan doesn't allow for it. We can change that.
  • Or, quite simply, you just want a new kitchen. We can't blame you – it's our job to obsess over kitchens, and we want everyone to enjoy the space they're in.

Remodeling is the answer to your kitchen woes, no matter what the justification is. But before you’re ready to commit, there’s probably one essential question on your mind: "how much is this going to cost?"


Let’s get into it.


What Is the Average Cost of Remodeling Your Kitchen? 

The cost to remodel your kitchen depends on several factors, including the size and scope of the project and whether you significantly change the layout and placement of various kitchen components. The type and quality of materials you select for the remodel also considerably impact the cost. Beyond that, your remodel cost will match the scale of how big you are dreaming. We don't say that to scare you, we say that to prepare you. Too many times, we hear stories of homeowners who were given an "estimate", only to be told a final number that was way beyond what they were expecting.


Compelling Homes doesn't vibe with that. We pride ourselves on transparency, honesty, and integrity. We're here to build you the space of your dreams – if you can imagine it, we will build it. If you're currently working in a Ford kitchen, but have Ferrari dreams, we'll get you there. We'll get you that Ferrari of a kitchen.


Cost for Kitchen Remodeling in Des Moines, IA

Before we get into specific cost figures, there’s one big caveat: these prices aren’t general. They don’t apply to Joe-Schmo who “learned” remodeling from YouTube; these estimates are specific to our high-quality, borderline-obsessive, award-winning work at Compelling Homes.


For example, if you choose economy-grade materials and fixtures instead of customized high-end cabinets or imported products, you can lower the overall project price. Other typical kitchen renovation costs include planning, designing, and permitting the project, along with labor and materials.


Just view our completed kitchen projects, and you’ll understand why our prices are the way they are. We’re only interested in doing our best work. That means innovative thinking, bespoke designs, and working with homeowners who value jaw-dropping living spaces the way we do. 


To help you develop a preliminary budget for your kitchen remodel in Waukee, Johnston, Urbandale, Ankeny, or other of our service areas within the Des Moines Metro area, here is an overview of average costs based on different levels of upgrades.


Minor Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel: $60-$80k

This project involves updating a functional but dated space and sprucing it up with new energy-efficient models for your refrigerator, cooktop, and oven range. Your kitchen layout remains the same, but you get all-new cabinetry and countertops. Additionally, your project can include installing a new mid-priced sink and faucet, tile backsplash, and new resilient flooring. Finish your kitchen remodel with a fresh coat of paint and new trim.


Within this price range, you won’t be able to adjust your floor plan or make significant changes to your electrical and mechanical systems like plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). However, you can create a beautiful space that looks and feels refreshed.


Major Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel: $80-$110k

If you want more latitude to make significant improvements and select semi-custom products, you can take things up a level with a major mid-range remodel. At this price range, you can adjust your kitchen layout to be more functional and convenient to meet your family’s evolving needs.


Additionally, a major remodel typically includes installing new semi-custom wood cabinets and an island. As with a minor kitchen remodel, your countertops get replaced, and you can install a new double-tub granite sink with a single-lever faucet.


Major Upscale Kitchen Remodel: $110k+

High-end kitchen remodeling is for homeowners who want a kitchen customized to their exact needs and tastes. You know, that luxury white and gold kitchen you’ve been dreaming about for years? Major upscale remodeling is how you make it real.



To be honest (as we always are), it's fairly difficult and rare to do a $100k "kitchen". Why the quotes? Well, 90% of the time when $100k is being invested into a home, that project includes a powder room, fireplace wall, all-new flooring throughout, and perhaps even reconstructing the stair system to the second floor, for example. It's rarely ever "just a kitchen" within this price range. We call this; the main floor scramble (and we love them)


Major upscale remodeling is the most frequent and sought-after service we provide because it allows a complete kitchen redo with a new layout, look, and various customizable finishes, fixtures, and features. You get top-notch, custom wood cabinets featuring built-in sliding shelves and other interior accessories at this price. You can also incorporate higher-end materials for your countertops, tile backsplash, and flooring to create a more aesthetically pleasing and lavish environment. You may also want to add new general and task lighting, — such as under-cabinet lights — a high-end under-mount sink with designer faucets, and a water filtration center. 


Make Your Kitchen... Compelling

As significant of an investment as kitchen remodeling can be, you deserve a remodeler who listens to your every request and delivers a transformation so stunning you won’t believe your eyes.


Those are the kind of custom design kitchens we create daily at Compelling Homes. Because we don’t just stop at “good enough,” we make your home compelling. Start working with us today.


Kitchen Remodel Cost Guide | Compelling Homes