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How to Maximize Your Home Office Space Near Des Moines

Working from home can be challenging, especially if your office space isn’t ideal. But with an estimated one in four Americans working from home in 2021, there are plenty of tips out there to help you optimize your office space and your productivity. Take a moment to step back, consider your workspace needs, and keep reading for ways to get the most out of your home office. For more, check out our ideas on how to design your Des Moines home office. 

How to Maximize Your Home Office Space Near Des Moines

Pick the Right Environment

The first step is figuring out where to locate your home. It's a big decision. In a home office setting, your environment can have a heavy influence on your mood and ability to focus; so really take your time here — otherwise, you may end up somewhere that hinders productivity instead of encouraging it. 

  • Consider Your Needs 

Start by asking yourself, “Where do I work best?” Are you the kind of person who needs complete silence and stillness to get work done? Or do you enjoy listening to music, hearing your partner cooking in the kitchen, and looking up to see family members walking past your desk? Ask yourself these questions and try to envision your ideal home office. 

  • Survey Your Options

Now that you know what type of environment your home office should be located in, tour your home and make a list of any place that might be a suitable option. No closet or forgotten corner is too small! Once you’re done you should have a long list of potential workspaces to choose from. As you review your list, consider which space most closely matches that vision you came up with earlier. If you’re easily distracted by sound, set your home office away from the main areas of the household. You can even consider soundproofing the room as an investment in your workplace productivity. And unless you thrive in a frenzy of activity, locate your home office in an infrequently used space like a guest bedroom, attic, or a corner cubby. You could even set up shop in a closet if you don’t mind being a little cramped! 

  • Mix Spaces Mindfully 

 If you have a room that you can solely dedicate to being your home office, that’s great! But, likely, that won’t be the case for most individuals. Instead, their home offices will be located in rooms that already have a designated purpose such as the dining room, living room, or guest bedroom. Mixing living spaces and home offices can be a tricky challenge. You have to find ways to keep your home life from distracting you at work and your work invading your home life. You can create physical separation in a multi-purpose office space by using a room divider or drapery; or, you can house your workspace in an armoire that can be closed up when you’ve finished work for the day.


It can also be helpful to create rituals around the beginning and end of the workday. If you work in a corner of your dining room, for example, you might start the day by setting your space up and end by setting the table for dinner.


Design with Intention 

When designing your home office, don’t make choices based on a gut feeling. Take the time to think things through and set your office up in a way that will maximize your resources, space, and enjoyment

  • Boost Productivity with Office Organization 

Organization can make a huge difference in the way your office looks and feels, especially if you have a small workspace. You can organize your desk using a stackable tray or magazine holder, but to really maximize desk space try storing all non-essential materials on floating shelves, mounted wall organizers, or try something moveable like a portable file box. Along with organization, keep your space uncluttered. Modern office organization takes a lot of inspiration from minimalism, so try implementing minimalist desk organization ideas by removing all extraneous items, like decor, from your workspace. While filling your office with decorative knick knacks might make you happy, it can also be distracting.

  • Make Use of Your Space 

If your home office is located in a closet, corner, or any kind of shared space, chances are you’re somewhat cramped. So, it’s important to maximize small office space to the best of your ability. If you have a limited amount of space to work with, for example, don’t go buying a large office desk that’ll end up taking up most of your space. Instead, buy slim, sleek furniture that doesn’t dominate the space. And if your office is especially small, consider going for a L-shaped or U-shaped desk that will make the most of a corner office layout. You can utilize wall space with shelving units and bookshelves. Or get creative with different small office shelving ideas, like using a shelving unit as a divider between your office space and the rest of a room.

  • Prioritize Comfort 

Being comfortable is just as important as being organized when it comes to workplace productivity. Obviously, you’ll want a comfortable chair and a desk of the appropriate height, but there’s so much more to office comfort. Consider light as well. Instead of headache-causing overhead fluorescent lights, opt for warm lamp lighting, open up your blinds for natural light, and make sure your desk is well-lit to avoid eye strain. You also don’t want your office to be too warm or too cold. Try not to locate your office in a room where you can easily adjust the temperature, and not a chilly basement or hot attic. 


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